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Connecting The World Through Products Materials and Spaces

LiveByDesign is a social network that makes really simple for designers, manufacturers, sellers and enthusiasts, connect through products, materials and spaces.

By leveraging these connections Livebydesign's ecosystem allows its users to promote and market their designs to like minded people.

Our mission is to simplify sharing, to expand content and to find any possible connection of a product, space, or material with the universe, creating a place like no other, smarter and bigger through the power of the social network.


Network Profiles Anyone can use livebydesign. Just Sign up by creating a new account or use your facebook login, you can then add sub-profiles as a manufacturer, designer, and seller, while uploading your designs, or just be an enthusiast living by design!

Design Profiles Start uploading your designs, products, materials or spaces, add pictures, descriptions and associations or even find new connections for it ... a manufacturer for your concept , a seller for your product or new designers for you company.

Links Now you can link materials used to built your products, or link the spaces that contain your designs, with livebydesign anything is possible!

Associate Connect your designs with their existing network, find new manufacturers for your concepts or sellers for your products, or even better find designers to create new hits for your company.

Promote and Market With your full profile in place, start connecting your designs to gain exposure, the more connections you have (and the more people you invite), the smarter and bigger our network becomes and the more famous you and your posts get!

Follow and Share Follow your favorite designs and users. Inspire your friends by sharing the coolest products, materials and spaces around the world wide web

Comments Comment on people's profiles or designs, share your opinions, always say your best and be a good critic. We all appreciate constructive criticism... or better yet some good praise!

and Much More to Come...


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